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Emerging Artist

Keshawn Johnson, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, began dancing at the age of 13 in his middle school’s dance class mainly studying HipHop. He has spent the past 2 years learning to verse himself in multiple styles of HipHop such as House, Locking, Waving, and etc. He discovered a passion that would carry him throughout graduation of high school and lead him to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy College of the Performing Arts. Upon attending AMDA, he was introduced to new forms of dance, and also acting and vocal classes. Keshawn’s favorite thing about performing is the emotional responses the audience brings. It warms his heart to impact so many people whilst on stage. His goals are to one day perform with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Keshawn’s interests are touring the world with an artist, award show performances, and dancing on film. A job that Keshawn has recently booked that he is proud of is the “90’s” video for Finneas and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. 

Keshawn lights up any room he enters with good energy. He has gained a wealth of knowledge training under Monika Smith, Gabriel Ash, Jasmine Rafael, and many more. His drive to make it in the dance industry keeps his passion burning. He never lets criticism get him down, it only fires up his passion more. Outside of performing he really enjoys reading books at the local Barnes and Nobles or spending quality time with the people he loves. 

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